Privacy policy

Privacy Policy for Volunteers, Friends and Business Partners of the Globe Community Library

Scope of this Policy Statement

The Globe Community Library (the Globe) collects personal information for administrative purposes. That information is collected when library volunteers and ‘Friends of the Globe’ complete and sign a ‘registration form’, or in documentation between us and our business partners. This policy document informs individuals and organisations about how we store personal data, the use we make of it and the rights of individuals and organisations. 

Exclusion from this Policy

Personal data provided by library users as they access library services is stored and managed on North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) Library Service systems and therefore NYCC has responsibility for General Data Protection Regulations compliance in respect of that data. However, under the contract between the Globe and NYCC, the Globe’s staff and volunteers have access to that information as they carry out across-the-counter library services on behalf of NYCC and in that capacity staff and volunteers have a duty to NYCC to safeguard the personal data of those using the library service.

Legal Basis Data Collection

The Board of Trustees declares that the legal basis for our retaining personal data is that, by signing a registration form or completing business forms/invoices/contracts you consent that we do so. 

Our Usage of Personal Data

The Globe Trustee Board takes privacy of data seriously and will only use the personal information you provide as follows:

  • Library Volunteers - for communication purposes and to have a record of the experiences you bring to supporting the library operation.

  • Friends of The Globe - for communication purposes and for recording your donations and, if you agreed to Gift Aid, processing details through HMRC.

  • Business Partners - for communication and finance purposes.

How We Store Personal Data

We securely store personal data in both electronic and paper format and retain that data for as long as you choose to be a library volunteer, ‘Friend of The Globe’ or a business partner. Access to volunteers’ data and business partner information is restricted to the Globe managers responsible for the operation of the library, whereas data about ‘Friends of the Globe’ is accessed by our treasurer. We do not divulge personal data outside the Globe organisation, other than to processes Gift Aid through HMRC or when by law we are obliged to do so. We do not use your data for marketing or profiling and we do not use automated decision-making systems. 

How We Communicate

From time to time we may need to contact you (by telephone, Email, text or by post) and will do so in the manner you chose when completing a registration form or as recorded in business partner documentation. You may at any time change the manner in which we communicate with you or require us to cease communication.

Your Rights

You have the right to see the data we hold about you and to correct and control how we use it - individuals should request access in writing to the address on The Globe website (