HDC's Soldier Trail in Stokesley - 8 October to 11 November

HDC's Soldier Trail in Stokesley - 8 October to 11 November

by Jane Hall

To commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI, 100 soldiers – one for every year – will be placed in groups of 20 in Hambleton District’s five market towns.

Posters of WWI soldiers will be placed in in shops, businesses and community venues in Stokesley - as well as in Bedale, Eastingwold, Northallerton and Thirsk. 

Each soldier will incorporate a letter and local people will be set the challenge of finding the 20 letters in each town and unscrambling the anagram they create.  The same letters will be displayed in all 5 participating towns.  Entries can be submitted for entry to a prize draw.

The soldiers will be on display from 8 October to 11 November and the winner will be announced on 16 November.

The Globe library is taking part and has a supply of postcards for entrants to complete as they work out the mystery phrase.  There is an option to complete an on-line entry.  Go to http://www.hambleton.gov.uk/survey/ww1 - the page may take a while to load.

The soldier trail is one of two art installations being planned by Hambleton District Council to mark the centenary.