The Globe at Stokesley Show

The Globe at Stokesley Show

by Jane Hall

Saturday saw The Globe’s first stand at the Stokesley Show.

Gnasher was an immediate hit and we should love to know how many times he was photographed with his fans (young and old) throughout the Show.  Even a ferret took a shine to him and wandered through his top knot!

Children made up their own activity book, selecting their pages according to their interests: drawing, colouring, word search, crosswords, Sudoku, mazes, letter puzzles, sign language etc.  They also received a Globe pencil, although it doesn’t have the same ring as “Crackerjack”!

Our book stall attracted a lot of interest and all donations will be used to keep the library open.  

Our thanks to all the Volunteers who planned and prepared, erected and dismantled and froze on the day!  We were delighted so many friends visited us and brought friends and family.

For all book lovers - The Globe has a permanent sale of donated books on all subjects and for all ages - all funds go towards the upkeep of the library.